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Caprese Salad


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                                                                 Open 5:00 Till 9:00

                                            Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

                                          open for Sunday Brunch from 10:30 till 2:00
                                                   For Reservations Call 434-237-2522


            This Weeks Specials  


seafood trio plater.png

            Seafood Trio ... 24

     Calamari, Shrimp, and Cod, Seasoned &                  toasted, served with house made                         Tartar sauce and Remoulade

            Pairing Suggestions, La Doria Gavi Italy,

                                8/Glass, 28/Bottle

grilled trio_edited.jpg

                    Grilled Trio .. 24

 Seasoned and grilled beef tips, chicken and shrimp served with Remoulade, Ranch & A-1

     Pairing Suggestion, Michelob ULTRA


   All Entrées include Side House Salad with     choice of Dressing and a serving of Bread Italian, Ranch, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Gorgonzola, Caesar, Olive Oil & Vinegar

                      Fillet  & Crab Cake .. 34

                             6 OZ Tenderloin & 4 oz Crab Cake

          with Chardonnay butter Sauce, Potatoes & asparagus

Surf and turf.png

Prosciutto wrapped Fillet Medallions & Grilled Shrimp ... 28

     Served with Roasted red Peppers, Mushroom Risotto and                                  house made Remoulade 

 Pairing Suggestion, Gran Passione Rosso  9/Glass, 30/Bottle

            Grilled 4oz Crab cake .. 26
served with a roasted red peppers, mushroom            risotto, grilled asparagus topped with a                                    creamy crab Remoulade 
            Tasting Suggestion,Collio Friulano, 8/Glass, 28/Bottle

Grilled Prime Rib.png
                12 oz Ribeye.... 30

             Grilled to Order Served with sautéed mushrooms,     potato Croquettes and a Brandy Cream Sauce

            Pairing Suggestion, ALA VECCHIA TUSCANA                                                          9/Glass, 30/Bottle

                      Fillet Oscar ... 34

 6 oz Fillet Mignon topped with Crab and Bearnaise sauce       served with Potato Croquettes and Grilled Asparagus      

Rib Eye Surf and  Turf_edited.jpg

                 Surf and Turf ... 34

 6 oz Fillet Mignon or 12 oz Ribeye served Two Grilled Shrimp, Potato Croquettes and Grilled Asparagus 

   Pairing Suggestion, Catena Malbec ---8/ Glass,  28/ Bottle 

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