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Caprese Salad


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    Specials For Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday


                                     5:00 till 9:00
                                                                        We recommend menu items with your reservations


                                              Please call 434-237-2522


                       Cod Bites .. 13
     House battered cod pieces served with Cocktail Sauce
Pairing Suggestion, The NED Pinot Gris 8/Glass, 28/Bottle
Toasted Mozzarella Sticks.png
 Toasted Mozzarella Sticks ... 8
      Served with Marinara Sauce.
Pairing Suggestion, Stella Moscato 8/Glass,28/Bottle


   Entrées Includes Side House salad with your choice of dressing

Italian, Ranch Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar, Olive Oil or Gorgonzola

IMG_7071stuffed flounder.png

                Fillet Oscar ... 32

        6 oz Fillet Mignon topped with Crab and Bearnaise sauce

           served with Potato Croquettes and Grilled Asparagus


        Pairing Suggestion, Chianti Rufina 9/ Glass, 30/ Bottle

     Crab Stuffed Flounder ... 28

          Flounder Stuffed with Seasoned   

           Crab Meat served with Asparagus
                   and mashed Potatoes

  Pairing Suggestion, Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio

                      8/Glass, 28/Bottle


Espresso Chocolate Chip Cheesecake.png

           Espresso Chocolate Chip Cheesecake .. 9
                 Pairing Suggestion, Chocolate Espresso Martini ... 14

Toasted Almond Amareto Cream Cake.png
    Toasted Almond Amaretto Cream Cake .. 9
Pairing Suggestion, Limoncello Chilled Single .. 4.50

 Carmela's at the Loft Menu

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